Our Staff

Paul Smit
Paul is the Senior Pastor at Ebenezer. He is married to Rose, has three children and one grandchild. He was a school teacher before he joined Ebenezer in April 1993 when the church moved into Qonce (King William’s Town) from the farming district of Hanover. Paul enjoys spending time with his family and his dogs, Bentley and Wendy.

Stephan Hugo
Stephan is the Assistant Pastor at Ebenezer. He is married to Wilma, has two children and six grandchildren. He joined the church in 2017 and serves primarily in visitation. Stephan enjoys his fishing and regularly participates in competitions.

Simeon Smit
Simeon is the Student Pastor at Ebenezer. He is Paul’s son, grew up in the church, and is currently studying Theology. He started working at the church in 2020 and manages the music and media platforms. Simeon enjoys making music and making good choices.

Margaret Foxcroft
Margaret is the Creche Administrator at Ebenezer. She worked at the post office for 33 years before joining the Ebenezer Play School as a teacher in 2001. She also leads the team of ushers every Sunday morning. Margaret enjoys gardening and spending time with her dog, Lexi.

Luella Campbell
Luella is the main contributor to our blog posts. She is a retired nurse and ran a bed and breakfast before joining the Ebenezer staff in 2004. She has four sons and eight grandchildren. She has published numerous books, including “Learning to be a Disciple”, “Designer Prayer”, and “The Heartbeat of Holiness”, as well as study materials for Christian schools in India. Luella enjoys knitting and crocheting and her dog, Molly.