Monthly Archives: October 2017


I have a dog.

A miniature dachshund named Molly. She’s a strawberry dapple, one year old, with the cutest face and the loudest bark ever – for a small dog. She is very brave as long as “Mom” is around, but runs for cover at any unusual sound or disturbance.

She is happy and good as long as Mom is not busy with something she dislikes, like crocheting or using my phone. Her weapon is her nose which she uses effectively to get between what I am doing and herself.

Molly is an object lesson for me in my relationship to God. She is an adoring worshipper. As long as she can get as close to me as possible, on my lap, touching me, lying on my feet or laying her head on my leg, she is content. She gazes at me with big, brown adoring eyes . I am her world. She loves my family and will give them wags and kisses but, without me she is lost and miserable.

When she is bored, she gets my attention by stealing something of mine and dragging it into my space where she makes sure I can see it, be it an important document, my bath mat, an article of clothing she finds or, best of all, a ball of wool which she perseveringly pulls into a mess. My task is to find its end and painstakingly unravel the wool and roll it up into a recognisable ball which becomes useful again.

Isn’t that just like us humans? Our lives often look like a tangled mess of wool. We make decisions and choices which have unexpected and often unpleasant consequences. We try to disentangle ourselves from our suffocating circumstances, only to find ourselves becoming even more tied up in our troubles. We look for escape routes in addictions which land us in an even bigger mess.

If we are wise, we bring our tangled ball of wool to “Daddy God” to fix for us. Unfortunately, unlike Molly who watches while I undo the mess for her, we try to help Daddy God only to make matters worse.

I have found, to my great relief, that Father God is much better at fixing problems than I am. We have His loving invitation,

Give your burdens to the Lord , and He will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. (Psalm 55:22 – New Living Translation).

Why not give Him your burden, take your hands off, and watch Him sort out the mess for you. He may not remove all the unpleasant consequences of your unwise choices but, in His sovereignty, He is able, in ALL THINGS, to work for the good of those who love Him.