Psalm 86:11 has been my prayer since 2008. It’s a prayer and a response. Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth. The rest of the verse is also a prayer and a response. Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name. What are God’s ways? He told the prophet Isaiah that …Continue reading →

The Power Of The Cross – Purified By The Blood

THE POWER OF THE CROSS PURIFED BY THE BLOOD But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son purifies us from all sin. (1 John 1: 7) How much truth is encapsulated in this one verse! First of all, what does it mean …Continue reading →

Ghost Or God?

GHOST OR GOD? Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of Him to Bethsaida, while He dismissed the crowd. After leaving them, He went up on a mountainside to pray. Later that night, the boat was in the middle of the lake, and He was alone on land. He saw the disciples straining at …Continue reading →


EXPOSED! Immediately Jesus knew in His spirit that this was what they were thinking in their hearts, and He said to them, ‘Why are you thinking these things? Which is easier: to say to this paralysed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take up your mat and walk?’ But I want you to know that the …Continue reading →

The Long Look

THE LONG LOOK I heard and my heart pounded, my lips quivered at the sound; decay crept into my bones, and my legs trembled. Yet I will wait patiently for the day of calamity to come on the nation invading us (Hab. 3:16). What a difference in the prophet’s attitude now! Gone were the accusations that God was seemingly indifferent; …Continue reading →

The Battle Rages On

THE BATTLE RAGES ON  “So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want. But if you …Continue reading →

The Final Showdown

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN  “‘But Rabbi,’ they said, ‘a short while ago the Jews there tried to stone you, and yet you are going back?’ Jesus answered, ‘Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by this world’s light. It is when a person walks at night that they stumble, …Continue reading →

We Can Trust Him!

WE CAN TRUST HIM!  “When evening came, His disciples went down to the lake, where they got into a boat and set off across the lake for Capernaum. By now it was dark, and Jesus had not yet joined them. A strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough. When they had rowed about three or four miles, they …Continue reading →

Where Was The Sacrifice?

WHERE WAS THE SACRIFICE? “That set the religion scholars and Pharisees buzzing. ’Who does He think He is? That’s blasphemous talk! God and only God can forgive sins.’ Jesus knew exactly what they were thinking and said, ‘Why all this gossipy whispering? Which is simpler: to say ‘I forgive your sins,’ or to say ‘Get up and start walking?’ Well, …Continue reading →