Molly is almost fourteen months old now. She reminds me of Abraham. When God called Abraham to leave his home country and go to a land He would show him, Abraham didn’t know God but he went as God instructed him. It took him many years and many mistakes and times of mistrust to get to know God. When the …Continue reading →

The Spirit Of Torah

THE SPIRIT OF TORAH Unlike the other rabbis with s’mikhah (authority) who were permitted to make new interpretations of Torah, but who focused primarily on behaviour and actions, Jesus turned His hearers’ attention to the spirit of Torah, what He called ‘the more important matters of the law.’ (Matt. 23: 23). The Greek word translated “more important” has the connotation …Continue reading →

The Just Shall Live By Faith

THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH . . . The righteous person will live by his faithfulness (Hab. 2: 4b). I cannot leave this verse without giving it fuller treatment because of its importance in Scripture. “This great principle – “the just shall live by faith” – so inflamed the soul of Martin Luther that it became the watchword of …Continue reading →