I recently took a trip to Johannesburg to visit my son and daughter-in-law for a few days. I arranged with a friend to “dog-sit” Molly rather than put her in the kennels. My friend happens to have a nine-month-old dachshund puppy who is great friends with my Molly. Molly has an exaggerated maternal instinct although she has not had puppies and, to her, Layla was a rambunctious creature who needed training and discipline!

Despite their companionship during the day, Molly missed me terribly. My friend sent a picture of her sitting on the couch, staring at the front door as though she expected me to walk through it at any moment. In the evenings, she settled herself on my friend’s lap, under the red “blankie” which had my smell on it, as if to reassure herself that I was near.

I missed her too. I missed her warm little body next to me in bed and her happy little presence in the home, squeaking her ball or nestling on my lap when it was cold. I counted the days to my return, just to see her joy when she heard my voice and saw me at the door.

Is that how Jesus feels about our physical separation from Him? Oh, I know we have His presence with us by His Spirit, and even in us, but does He long for the day when He can hold us in His arms and we can talk to each other face to face? Does He count the days until He hears the Father say, “Go, my Son, and claim your bride.”

Although Molly was well cared for and loved by her foster mom, nothing, not even a favourite ball, could compensate for my presence with her. On my first night home, she could not creep close enough to me in the bed. All she wanted to do was to be cuddled against me so that she could feel me near her.

Do we miss the presence of Jesus so much that we stare at the sky, waiting for Him to appear? Do we ache for Him, just to be near Him and to hear His voice?

I told my friend to tell Molly, every night, that I would be home after so many sleeps… four sleeps…three sleeps…two sleeps…one sleep… then, finally the day arrived when I flew home to her.

Jesus said He would return. We don’t know how many sleeps until He comes, but we can be certain, because He promised, that He will return, and then we will never be apart from Him again.


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Luella Campbell

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