How many times have you quoted or heard the verse, “Be still and know that I am God”? We even sing the words church as a worship song. It comes in the middle of Psalm 46 – a song about storm, tumult and war and the place where peace can be found in the midst of chaos.

We love the verse but it’s difficult to put it into practice when the storm hits, isn’t it? How is it possible to be still when our problems are yelling so loudly in our hearts that we can hear nothing else? Emotional, financial, physical or relational storms hit us when we least expect them. We are often so unprepared that the storm knocks us off our feet when we haven’t had the time run to the place of refuge.

If we read the psalm carefully, I think we will recognise that the psalmist isn’t telling us to run for cover when the storm hits. He is singing about a place of refuge where we can live in safety all the time, even when the storm rages around us. That’s a different scenario from looking for a place to hide when we are being battered by unexpected circumstances.

Where can we find a place of refuge where we are always safe and at peace no matter what happens? Right in the middle of the psalm, we find the answer:

The Lord Almighty is with us; The God of Jacob is our fortress (Psa. 46:7)

We don’t need the services of psychiatrists, psychologists, councillors or even pastors in times of trouble. We need only Jesus. How do we live “in Him”? Of course, it’s difficult to begin to live in Jesus when we are in the midst of stormy circumstances. During the lull between crises (and someone said that we always live in a state of slight crisis!), is the time to work on our awareness that He loves us with a passionate, furious and indescribable love so big that He gave His life for us.

John wrote that “there is no fear in love because perfect love drives out fear”. God’s dream for us is that nothing, nothing, NOTHING will be able to shake our confidence in His love, not even the wildest, most violent storm.

Why does God allow the storms to come? It’s not the devil attacking us! It’s the Father teaching us to trust Him. Where is the safest place to be when the storm hits? Like Papa said (in “The Shack”), “Slap dab in the middle of God’s love.” Why? Because nothing can separate us from His love.



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Luella Campbell

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