Molly is a warrior.

At least she thinks she is! She challenges every dog in the street, no matter how big or small they may be, as we walk by (as long as they are safely behind a secure gate or high wall, of course). All 5 kg of her is pure aggression, despite her being well-socialised as a puppy.

She is also desperate to take on every pair of heels that runs or walks by and, with dedicated hatred, every domestic worker who wields a mop or broom. I have to keep a vigilant eye for potential trouble and a tight hold on her leash so that we arrive home after our walk intact. When it’s cleaning day, Molly is confined to barracks, much to her extreme frustration, lest the cleaning lady go home with a few puncture wounds in her ankles!

She loves to “rumble” with her best friends with fierce growls which makes the play-fighting sound like a serious battle. Watch out if the play gets too rough for her! She loses her temper and devoted owners have to break up a vicious dog-fight.

Molly reminds me of many believers who have been taught or feel the need to flush out and attack demons behind every bush. They love the idea of “spiritual warfare” and engage in it as often as possible. I am acquainted with a Christian lady who is so enthusiastic about her “warfare” that she verbally attacks any unsuspecting person, believer or unbeliever, who happens to say something that does not agree with her theology.

To people like these, addictions and habits, and even character traits are demonic and the poor “victim” needs to be delivered, and particularly through the person who has a “deliverance ministry”. Many of these people flock to gatherings where some well-known exorcist works on them to “cast out” the demon or demons oppressing them.

I have no doubt that there is huge demonic activity in the world today. Satan knows that his time is short and he still wields his most potent weapons, fear and deception, to ensnare as many as he can, including believers who have not grasped the significance of the cross.

When Jesus cried out His final words of victory, “It is finished!”, He meant it with every fibre of His being, He whipped the devil, once and for all, exposing his as the lying imposter he is for claiming the lordship which belongs to Jesus alone.

The war we, as Jesus’ followers, are engaged in is not with the devil. Jesus overcame him once and for all time at the cross. The Apostle Paul counselled us to stand – not fight – with the weapon of truth, the Word of God. The war is in our own hearts, the battle against everything that would challenge our knowledge and experience of faith in Jesus. Paul admonished his son in the faith, Timothy, to “fight the good fight of faith”.

Our flesh is at war with our spirits and our spirits with the flesh. Whatever takes away from our faith in Jesus for the grace to meet every situation and need through His strength, must be ruthlessly challenged by the truth of God’s Word. Satan still tries to sow his lies into our minds so that we worry and fear instead of steadfastly believing the Word and trusting the Holy Spirit for the power to overcome.

No, my brothers and sisters, we do not need deliverance. Jesus delivered us from the dominion of darkness through His death – once for all. We need transformation by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12: 1-3). Don’t waste your time engaging demons. They, and their master, are finished.

Instead, fill your minds with the truth of who Jesus is, the Son of the living God, and who you are, a beloved, forgiven and blood-washed son or daughter of God, filled with His Spirit and given the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Luella Campbell

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