Molly is on diet!

Of course, she must be on diet because she’s a dog. Just as for we humans, not all foods are good for her. Besides that, she is a spayed female which means that, without careful control, she could put on weight and add strain to her elongated spine. It’s up to me, her human mom, see that she eats the correct food in the correct quantities and proportions. Her staple diet is her kibble – scientifically produced to provide the correct amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and every other dietary ingredient for her health and well-being. If it worked that way, everything would be perfect.

However, being an indulgent mom who spoils her dog rotten, I also give her a little bit of chicken, an odd piece of steak left over from my friend’s healthy appetite when we “eat out”, a sprinkling of cheese here and there and, horror of horrors, a corner of my toast liberally spread with butter and a bite of my biscuit – just because she looks at me pleadingly with her big brown eyes – and I can’t say no.

Unfortunately, the scientists didn’t take Molly into account. The highlight of our daily “walkies” is to sniff out every discarded bone, mouldy piece of bread or decaying delicacy and devour it quickly before I can stop her. Her taste for junk food is insatiable!

Are we not, God’s children, often just like Molly? God has provided His own perfect spiritual food for us, a balanced diet of teaching, rebuke, correction and instruction in righteousness in His Word (2 Tim. 3:16). However, some of us have an insatiable appetite for spiritual “junk food” which we sniff out on our walk with Jesus. We run after questionable and unbiblical teachings, popular, widespread, and often very plausible, because they capture our imagination or satisfy our craving to feed our “flesh”.

Take the “prosperity gospel” or the “faith teaching” for example. The prosperity gospel satisfies (and justifies) our craving for material things. Does God want us to be rich? Most definitely, yes, but not rich in material possessions. In fact, Paul gives some serious warnings against the craving to be rich (1 Tim. 6:9-10). Jesus told a parable about a rich farmer whose selfish attitude when he reaped a bumper crop, brought God’s judgment on the greedy man. The same judgment, death, will fall on all those who are not rich towards God. Wealth gathered by so-called spiritual teachers falsely cajoling gullible people to”sow seed” into their ministry is not “God’s blessing” as some claim, It is a con trick to extort money in the name of Jesus to enrich themselves.

What about the so-called “faith teaching” or “name it and claim it”? Again, this is a subtle and dangerous message which panders to the flesh. This is not faith – it is presumption. Jesus told Satan that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.  Faith is built on what God promises us, not on what we claim and then “believe God” for what we want. Yes, God’s promises are all “Yes” in Christ, and we speak the “amen” to the glory of God. However, It is God who speaks to us, not we who manipulate Him through His word.

Just as I hold the leash and guide Molly away from the junk food she so readily wants to devour, the Holy Spirit who lives in us who believe in Jesus, guides us into all truth. He feeds us on Jesus, the living bread, so that we remain spiritually healthy and true to Jesus and His Word.

Let’s listen to the Spirit and use God’s Word as the measure of truth by which we live.

Luella Campbell

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