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There is so much quick and easy access to information today. For a start, one simply has to type some-thing into Google and within seconds the answer is there. It’s an exciting time to live in. We no longer have to spend hours pouring over a multitude of books in order to access information. Now it’s right there at our finger tips.
The downside of all of this is that when the wrong information is disseminated, then it gets out to every-one just as quickly. Our politicians, for example, are skilled in this art. A lie repeated often enough soon be-comes truth and it’s then almost impossible to recognize right from wrong.
In the church this wrong information also happens, often as a result of selfish people trying to manipulate others, and sometimes as a result of well meaning people trying to find more tangible facets to their faith. For example I’ve heard things like this said, “Brother, to get out of the mess you’re in, you need to apply the blood of Jesus.” “Sister, while your husband is asleep, cover him with the blood of the Lamb.” “Granny, don’t stop pouring the blood over your grandchildren for protection.” And so on and so forth. Soon this very warped concept of the blood becomes normal practice in the church. And, at the end of it all, this false information results in nothing more than an attempt to use the blood as a sort of spiritual voodoo. Nowhere is the Bible do we ever read of people doing this type of thing or anything close to it. Rather, we read of the effects of the New Covenant which Jesus instituted by His own life, death and resurrection. For example, 1 John 1:7 reads, “The blood of Jesus, His Son, keeps on cleansing us from all sin.” This is not a mandate for us to “splash the blood all over”. Instead, it is yet another promise of God’s incredible life-giving power to under-take for all our sin for all time.
We have a real responsibility in this day and age of mired teachings to stay with what we know is written and not to cling to what people (or the internet) may be saying. Go for God and stick to His Word!

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