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I enjoy watching animal rescue programmes on TV, especially when the end result is a happy, healthy creature after weeks or months of abandonment or neglect. When one has a pet, there is one thing one must never forget. From the moment I got Molly, I became aware that it was not just myself that I had to take care …Continue reading →


I remember the day I fetched Molly from the breeder. She wasn’t actually my first choice. I was given a Yorkshire terrier puppy as a farewell gift when I left the church and my role as pastoral assistant to move to another city. Tosca, my Yorkie, was six weeks old. After her first night, when she missed her mother and …Continue reading →


It amazes me how life lessons can be found in simple things. Take Molly and me, for example. As I mentioned in my last post, Molly is my thirteen-month-old, strawberry dapple miniature dachshund – a fancy title for a cute, mischievous, energetic, adoring and adorable little sausage dog. She has taught me much about worship, not the faulty, fickle and …Continue reading →


I have a dog. A miniature dachshund named Molly. She’s a strawberry dapple, one year old, with the cutest face and the loudest bark ever – for a small dog. She is very brave as long as “Mom” is around, but runs for cover at any unusual sound or disturbance. She is happy and good as long as Mom is …Continue reading →

A New Chapter

A NEW CHAPTER While I was doing research for my new book on prayer, I stumbled on a subject every believer should know inside out. It’s called the New Covenant. Of course, I realise that the gracious Holy Spirit, the supreme teacher, is here to lead us into all truth. It was He who led me to explore the ramifications …Continue reading →

Newsflash – New Book

NEWSFLASH My latest book, The Heartbeat of Holiness, is available from me, Luella Campbell, at or mobile number 0844445301 in South Africa at R150.00 plus postage.

Did You Know (11)?

DID YOU KNOW (11) …That the world is an orphanage? How do we know that the world is an orphanage? Jesus spoke about it on the eve of His death. His disciples were distressed because He kept telling them that He was going away. After three years with Him, they could not imagine what life would be without Him. They …Continue reading →

Did You Know (10)?

DID YOU KNOW (10) …That revelation follows generosity. So far we have discovered from God’s instruction to His people under the old covenant, that householders have an obligation to care for certain groups of people over and above their own families. These groups were those who had no land of their own and, therefore, depended on the generosity of God’s …Continue reading →

SOS (Part 2)

SOS (PART 2) Yesterday, we explored the truth that Jesus came to reveal the Father. This has far-reaching implications for us. If God is our Father, it follows logically that we are His sons and daughters. What does that mean for us? How can we be sure that we are the children of God? In the beginning, God created the …Continue reading →


SOS Most of us know that SOS is a distress call, but for me it means something far more important than that. Slave, Orphan or Son? For most of my life as a believer in Jesus, I did not know that I had the mind of a slave and an orphan, not a son (or daughter). How tragic that there …Continue reading →