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Psalm 86:11 has been my prayer since 2008. It’s a prayer and a response. Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth. The rest of the verse is also a prayer and a response. Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name. What are God’s ways? He told the prophet Isaiah that …Continue reading →


Do you have a friend with whom you can risk sharing your secrets – even those of which you are ashamed? It’s good to have someone to whom you can unburden yourself when you struggle with issues in your life A friendship like that can only be built on trust and mutual respect. It is risky to trust another person …Continue reading →


How many times have you quoted or heard the verse, “Be still and know that I am God”? We even sing the words church as a worship song. It comes in the middle of Psalm 46 – a song about storm, tumult and war and the place where peace can be found in the midst of chaos. We love the …Continue reading →


Have you ever given someone you love a gift, only to find that it has been stashed away unused? How hurt you would feel that your friendship was so little valued that the gift was tossed aside! How does God feel when we value His gift of salvation so little that we neglect to appropriate everything He has done for …Continue reading →


As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him (Psa. 103:13) I wonder how true this metaphor is in today’s world. Not only do we live in a fatherless world where many men beget children but take no responsibility for them, but where many children suffer at the hands of fatherless …Continue reading →


Molly’s favourite spot in the early morning, when I have made my coffee and settled myself in my recliner under my red “blankie”, is on my lap under the blanket. She goes to sleep again, content as a baby at its mother’s breast. She is a very active little dog, but there are times during the day when she needs …Continue reading →


The story of the Prodigal Son is the most beautiful of all Jesus’ stories. It’s a familiar story because we know it well and because it is the story of many families.  It’s not the story line that surprises me, however, but the outcome.  How many fathers would receive back a wayward son without reproach?  How many fathers would treat …Continue reading →


Blind spots! Most motor vehicles have blind spots – those places in the rear view mirror where a vehicle behind you is obscured for a moment or on the sides of the windscreen that block your vision of an oncoming vehicle. If you are not vigilant, a blind spot can be the cause of a serious accident. We can also …Continue reading →


Does blood speak? Apparently, it does. When God questioned Cain about his brother’s whereabouts, Cain rudely replied, “I don’t know…Am I my brother’s guardian?” But the Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!” (Gen. 4:10) Did Cain really think that God did not know what he had done? What about …Continue reading →


Molly is a very clean little dog – except for her paws! I bath her every second week, an event which, strangely enough, she doesn’t mind. Fortunately, she doesn’t smell like a dog and she doesn’t have the habit of rolling in smelly stuff, so a fortnightly bath is sufficient to keep her sweet and clean. However, we live in …Continue reading →