JOINED TO CHRIST “Putting out from the harbour at Troas, we made a straight run for Samothrace. The next day we tied up at New City and walked from there to Philippi, the main city in that part of Macedonia and, even more importantly, a Roman colony. We lingered there several days. “On the Sabbath we left the city and …Continue reading →

Did You Know (13)?

DID YOU KNOW (13) …That the theory of evolution is a lie? If evolution, and not the Bible is the truth, there are many implications for the human race and many unanswered questions. I cannot raise them all here and I cannot raise them in sequence but let’s get going. Why is there death in the world? From where did …Continue reading →

Did You Know (12)

DID YOU KNOW (12) …That the theory of evolution is one of the biggest lies the devil has ever perpetrated on the human race? Now that will get some of your heckles up! The theory of evolution fits perfectly into Satan’s modus operandi to drive a wedge between God and His children by creating suspicion and destroying trust. Satan’s success …Continue reading →

Did you know (9)?

DID YOU KNOW (9)? …That revelation follows generosity. Yesterday we began to explore the concept that God’s instructions for the way His people were to use their wealth, is not “law” in the sense of a military command. It is His ageless wisdom which helps us to break out of our greed and selfishness to take responsibility for four groups of …Continue reading →

Did You Know (8)?

DID YOU KNOW (8) …That revelation follows generosity. Generosity is one of the major themes of the Bible. Jesus spoke more about money than He did about any other so-called “spiritual” topic such as prayer, faith, or salvation. Why was that? I cannot speak for Him but it seems to me that, since money plays such a major part in …Continue reading →

Did You Know (6)?

DID YOU KNOW (6) …That you choose the measure of your gain or loss. Human beings have this crazy idea that it is okay to have two standards of judgment, one for ourselves which is lenient and another for other people which is based on the standard we set for ourselves but is very strict. We let ourselves off on …Continue reading →

Did You Know (7)

DID YOU KNOW (7) …That God always works through His Word. According to Hebrew thought, God’s Word is a manifestation of Himself in another form. God and His Word are inseparable. He reveals Himself to us through what He has said and what He did and does. However, we cannot know or understands His works unless He reveals their meaning …Continue reading →

Did You Know (5)?

DID YOU KNOW (5) …That Jesus offers us rest, not religion. People, and especially ignorant people, often speak of Christianity as one of the world’s great religions. That is simply not true. Christianity is not a religion; it is a restoration of God’s estranged sons and daughters to fellowship with Himself. If Jesus came to set up a new religion, …Continue reading →

Did You Know (4)

DID YOU KNOW (4) …That you cannot forgive without compassion. Many, if not most people struggle to forgive. Some even refuse to forgive the offense of another, choosing to allow bitterness to destroy them and all their relationships rather than to let go and be free. Someone once said that harbouring unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other …Continue reading →

Did You Know (3)

DID YOU KNOW (3) …That miracles do not produce faith – faith produces miracles. The history of Israel alone is testimony to the fact that miracles have no effect on people to grow faith, who do not believe God. No nation in history has experienced more divine intervention than the Jews. From their illustrious ancestor, Abraham, to their miraculous conquest …Continue reading →