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We appreciate your visiting our website and pray that you will be blessed as you do so. The Ebenezer Family Church is found in King William’s Town, the Capital of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Feel free to visit us or to contact us with any suggestions or comments. JESUS IS LORD!


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Did You Know (5)?

DID YOU KNOW (5) …That Jesus offers us rest, not religion. People, and especially ignorant people, often speak of Christianity as one of the world’s great religions. That is simply not true. Christianity is not a religion; it is a restoration of God’s estranged sons and daughters to fellowship with Himself. If Jesus came to set up a new religion, …Continue reading →


Dear Family It is simply mind blowing to think that “the LORD confides in those who fear Him”. We are talking about the Creator of all things, the God of all wisdom, and the Mind of all reason. Why on earth would He, the All Sufficient One, want to share anything with us in the first place, let alone take …Continue reading →

Did You Know (4)

DID YOU KNOW (4) …That you cannot forgive without compassion. Many, if not most people struggle to forgive. Some even refuse to forgive the offense of another, choosing to allow bitterness to destroy them and all their relationships rather than to let go and be free. Someone once said that harbouring unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other …Continue reading →

Did You Know (3)

DID YOU KNOW (3) …That miracles do not produce faith – faith produces miracles. The history of Israel alone is testimony to the fact that miracles have no effect on people to grow faith, who do not believe God. No nation in history has experienced more divine intervention than the Jews. From their illustrious ancestor, Abraham, to their miraculous conquest …Continue reading →

Did You Know (2)

DID YOU KNOW (2) …That you can never disappoint God or let Him down? How often I have heard a child of God bewailing the fact that he or she has disappointed God or let Him down. We attribute our own emotions to God as though He were human like us. Let’s think about it. Why do people so often …Continue reading →

Did You Know (1)

DID YOU KNOW (1) …That intercession is not a “spiritual gift”? It’s amazing to me that intercession has become the special ministry of a select few instead of the privilege of every child of God. What is even more astonishing is that it is now, according to some, both a title and a calling. Is there any verse or passage …Continue reading →

Sons And Daughters

SONS AND DAUGHTERS But when the set time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law that we might receive adoption to sonship. Because you are His sons, God sent the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father!” So you …Continue reading →

SOS (Part 2)

SOS (PART 2) Yesterday, we explored the truth that Jesus came to reveal the Father. This has far-reaching implications for us. If God is our Father, it follows logically that we are His sons and daughters. What does that mean for us? How can we be sure that we are the children of God? In the beginning, God created the …Continue reading →


SOS Most of us know that SOS is a distress call, but for me it means something far more important than that. Slave, Orphan or Son? For most of my life as a believer in Jesus, I did not know that I had the mind of a slave and an orphan, not a son (or daughter). How tragic that there …Continue reading →

Relax – Respond – Rest (Part Three)

RELAX – RESPOND – REST (PART THREE) Today we get to the third and final phase of our exploration of holiness. We have learned so far that, although holiness is a non-negotiable requirement of the Father if we are to enjoy fellowship with Him and the Son through the Holy Spirit, it is impossible for us to meet the requirement …Continue reading →

Relax – Respond – Rest (Part 2)

RELAX – RESPOND – REST (PART 2) Yesterday we discovered that holiness is a non-negotiable requirement if we are to see God. Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness, no one will see God (Heb. 12:14). You are to be holy to me because I, the Lord, am holy, and I have …Continue reading →

Relax – Respond – Rest

RELAX – RESPOND – REST Many books have been written on the subject of holiness. Some are helpful; others, like the one I read recently, have angered and frustrated me because, instead of sticking to God’s Word, the authors have created their own version of holiness and what God requires of us to meet His standard. I found that the …Continue reading →

Carefree, But Not Careless

CAREFREE, BUT NOT CARELESS Carefree is the attitude of a child. Why is it possible for a child to be carefree in the world we live in? Is it not because children leave all their cares to daddy while they simply enjoy life? Is it possible that God’s children can live carefree lives in spite of the turmoil around us? …Continue reading →

Walking On The Word

WALKING ON THE WORD Storms are part of our lives, aren’t they? Storms come unannounced and uninvited. We sometimes bring them on ourselves. Take Jonah, for instance. God sent a storm to catch His wayward prophet’s attention because Jonah refused to obey Him. When God chased him down with a storm, he thought his time was up but God was …Continue reading →

The Key To Hidden Treasure

THE KEY TO HIDDEN TREASURE Children love stories about hidden treasure. How exciting to discover the legend of a pirate ship that was wrecked just off the coast where they live and to find an ancient map that holds the clues to the secret place where the treasure chest lies buried! They diligently follow the instructions, dodge the villains who …Continue reading →

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